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Welcome to the
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At Island Health Project, our goal is to provide quality health care on Fishers Island. We are hoping you will use this website as a resource for your on-island medical needs. Here you will find all the info you need to make an appointment with Chris Ingram - our hours, contact info for the office, emergency numbers and the necessary registration forms.

Chris Ingram MDChris Ingram, M.D., is a board certified ER doctor with 12 years experience as an attending physician at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City and for three years had worked part-time as the Island's doctor through L & M Physicians before becoming the full time doctor-in-residence on Fishers Island. Dr. Ingram makes himself available at all times, should urgent needs arise. This continuity of care has led to improved general health among the year-round population, many of whom now use Fishers Island's doctor as a primary care physician.

REMEMBER, you need to make an appointment to see the doctor this summer. We are in the process of implementing our new Electronic Medical Records System which will help us to provide an even greater quality of care. (See story in left "News & Events" sidebar) We will try to see all urgent care patients the same day and EVERYONE needs to fill out the new patient registration form DOWNLOAD FORM »


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