Island Health Projblood pressureect Office

All visits to the Doctor's Office are by appointment only

Patients requiring urgent care will be seen the same day they call.

To make an appointment: 631-788-7244 Office

To reach the doctor outside of office hours 1-942-9647 (From Fishers Island land line)

631-942-9647 (From cell phone)

In case of emergency, call 911

Fax to: 631-788-7968

TO SAVE TIME: Before you come into the office, especially if you or a family member are a regular patient, or know you will be seeing the doctor, we urge you to download our PATIENT REGISTRATION FORM »

PLEASE fill it out and mail (PO Box 344) it to us in advance of your arrival on island OR bring it filled out when you arrive on the island.

This will be a HUGE help to our office!


Electronic Medical Records System

As part of a wider L&M Physicians effort, the doctors office on Fishers Island maintains an electronic medical records system.  This allows us to better communicate with other doctors offices within the L&M Physicians network and with many departments at L&M Hospital.  Information that we enter into a patients record will be accessible to another doctor within the network and all reports and results from labwork or tests at the hospital will be attached to the patients record in the HAC system.

For patients new to our EMR System, at your first appointment this season, you will be asked for your personal medical history, a list of current medications and other pieces we need to enter in the system. 

Benefits of Electronic Medical Records

EFFICIENCY – The doctor has less administrative work and more time to spend with patients.

IMPROVED ACCURACY – Chances of prescription drug errors are reduced since all your medications and health history are kept together and the system can flag the doctor to allergic reactions and possible negative interactions.