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Patient Forms

Patient Registration Form

TO SAVE TIME: Before you come into the office, especially if you or a family member are a regular patient, or know you will be seeing the doctor, we urge you to download our PATIENT REGISTRATION FORM »

E-prescribing Consent Form - New!

E-prescribing refers to a system used to submit prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy of your choice. By eliminating paper, e-prescribing creates a more efficient and safer process for patients to access their medications. This electronic process helps to prevent, and in some cases eliminate, the top reasons for prescription errors—including illegible hand-writing, incorrect dosing, and missed drug/allergy reactions—which improves patient safety and helps to control ever increasing medication costs due to medication errors.
Download the L+M Medical Group E-PRESCRIBING CONSENT FORM »

Medical History Form

If you have not already filled out a patient history form, please download and fill out the IHP form and fill out to bring with you on your next visit.


You are not required to fill out this form. This form is to inform you of your privacy rights under the Health Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA). Download the L+M Medical Group HIPPA FORM »